Getting Git

A comprehensive video course from git init to Git Master.

Part 4 - Overview

In Part 4 of "Getting Git" we’ll learn the Git commands for sharing your work.

So far we’ve learned the all of the Git commands necessary to manage a local repository.

However, at some point you'll want to share a repository. So you'll need to know the commands for copying external repositories, managing their references, and synchronizing changes.

Sharing work with Git has been popularized by services like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

As such, we’ll use the Getting Git repository on GitHub to demonstrate not only the Git commands, but also how to use them to interact with a third-party Git service like GitHub.

If you don’t have a GitHub account, take a moment to sign up

Once you're signed into GitHub, go to the Getting Git repository.

First, let's Star the repository. This will allow you keep track of updates as well as help increase the popularity of the repository on GitHub.

Second, let's Fork the repository. This will create a copy of the repository to your account GitHub.

Once that's finished. You're ready to get started.