Getting Git

A comprehensive video course from git init to Git Master.

Getting Git Course Overview

Before continuing, I'd like to talk a little more about the course format. Getting Git is broken into 5 parts.

Each part we'll learn a set of related Git commands, closely grouped to what you'll find when running git --help

We can see there's only about a dozen Git commands. Nothing we can't Master.

Each part will start with a brief overview.

Then we'll learn each Git command in two videos.

The first video will introduce you to the command and will focus on its basic, common usage to get you started.

I call this the init video.

The second, I call the Master video, will focus on the command's additional options and usages.

Each part will close with a summary to recap the commands and demonstrate their combined use.

In addition to the 5 parts, videos will periodically be added to the course to learn about scenarios you'll encounter when using Git everyday.

For example, videos on how to recover a removed file or videos common workflows.

While you may watch the course from start to finish, its format is catered to your skill level.

If you're just getting started, I recommend watching all of the init videos within a part, before watching the Master videos. This way you see all of the related commands so you have the full picture before going in detail.

However, regardless of your skill level, if you want to learn more about a specific command, I encourage you to watch both the init and Master videos as their content may build off one another.

So, feel free to continue to Part 1 or choose your own Git adventure.